The Features and Benefits of Post-Surgical Bras & Camisoles

Post-surgical bras and camisoles are designed for recovery and function, and are adaptable to your surgical needs.

Once diagnosed or scheduled for surgery, you and your doctor will want to prepare for your surgery and recovery.  Your recovery will be easier if you have a special post-surgical camisole or bra in advance of your surgery.  Such a garment can help alleviate both your physical and emotional discomfort.

Wear Ease post-surgical bras and camisoles are more convenient than an ace wrap or a conventional bra because they are designed for comfort and are packaged with drain management pouches which anchor and hold surgical drain bulbs.  This also helps to control pain by easing stress or pulling on the incision.

Women who plan to have any type of breast or chest surgery or procedure can benefit from wearing a post-surgical bra or camisole.

  • All types of mastectomy/breast cancer surgeries: radical, simple, partial, bilateral, lumpectomy 
  • Chest surgery: open heart, coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), lung surgery
  • Breast surgery and procedures: augmentation, reduction, reconstruction, implant revision
  • All phases of treatment: post-surgical, radiation, exams, transition, sleeping


Our post-surgical bra and camisole styles are quality construction and fabric.  All styles are latex free.  There is a style for everyone.  Styles for "stepping into" or styles with "front closure".  Our post-surgical bras and camisoles are designed for comfort and support and  "ease of wear".


The video below describes the features and benefits of the Dawn Camisole


All styles can be purchased with a pair of fiberfill breast forms which restore shape without discomfort and also provide additional padding over your surgical site. These forms fit securely into built-in pockets and provide breast shape without discomfort.

 During recovery... While drains are in place, it can be challenging to find workable clothing solutions.  you may feel well enough to leave the house and resume aspects of your normal life.  Having a bra or camisole that can secure your drains will make it possible to move around. 

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