The Features and Benefits of Compression Bras and Camisoles by Wear Ease.

Why Should I Wear A Compression Garment?

A medical compression garment can assist in the body’s healing process and improve procedure results after the surgery. The benefits of proper compression can reduce the risk of seromas, lymphedema, hematomas and skin unevenness by:

  • providing accurate compression
  • reducing fluid build up
  • increasing blood circulation
  • promoting proper skin adhesion to newly contoured areas
  • holding surgical dressings in place until removed


How do I find the right size? 

Watch the following video on how to measure yourself to find the right size for our compression garments.


How Should My Compression Garments Fit?

Everyone is built differently so they will experience the feeling of compression differently but in general, compression should not be the cause of pain.  Your garment should fit snug, but you should be able to slip a finger under the fabric.  It is normal to stress the garment when putting it on, but once on the garment should not constrict your movement in any way and should feel comfortable enough for normal breathing.  A compression garment is a medical garment with a specific purpose.  It is to encourage the healing and recovery process. Watch the instructional video below for tips on how the Compression Bra should fit.



    Fabric Quality

    Fabric selected for a compression garment should:

    • be strong and durable with the ability to allocate pressure to the body in all directions
    • easily recover to its original shape after periods of extreme stress caused by constant wear
    • have the ability to breath because it is worn continuously around the clock
    • not contain any irritants that can cause an have an allergic response


    Compression Bra by Wear Ease®:

    • Constructed of PowerNet
    • Anti-microbial Protection
    • Moisture Management by Naturexx®
    • Irritant and Latex Free


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