Compression Shapewear by Wear Ease October 06 2015

Wear Ease Shapewear is a line of sewn garments specifically designed to help manage swelling resulting from surgery or lymphedema.  All shapewear items (780, 910, 912, 915 and 970) are constructed of a sturdy and compressive fabric   (80% nylon/20% spandex)   that feels cool and comfortable to the touch.  These garments were designed to provide maximum comfort and compression that results in 100% compliance when fitted properly.   All styles in this group are designed and sewn with pockets to hold a lightweight or leisure breast form.

Mild Compression

The level of compression provided by Wear Ease garments depends on each individual fit.  Providing compression with the fit of a garment for the girth of a torso is more difficult than fitting a limb.  The larger the girth, the more difficult it is to provide compression. 

Since Wear Ease products are made to fit different shapes and sizes of torsos, it is difficult to quote a standard measurement that applies to each garment.  Depending on the fit of the garment,

a compression level within the range of 10-16 mmhg may be achieved.  If the garment is any tighter than this, it will not be comfortable and it won't be worn (per discussions with lymphedema therapists and designers).  

Proper Fit

Wear Ease compression shapewear should fit snug and comfortably to ensure 100% compliance. 

If the garment feels tight, then the next larger size should be selected.  If the garment fits loose then the next smaller size should be selected.

Wear Ease compression shapewear is a sewn garment and can be worn to bed at night to ensure continual compression.  Items that are constructed of circular knit cannot be worn to bed because they may result in the effects of a tourniquet. 


 Wear Ease Shapewear is a good value:

  • Supportive and quality fabric
  • Designed specifically for the post-surgical and lymphatic needs
  • Practical garment for air travel, exercise and bed