Lymphedema Awareness June 18 2015

What is Lymphedema?

After breast cancer treatment, localized swelling is normal and should resolve with time. However, you may also be at risk of developing lymphedema, which is a more serious form of swelling that affects the arm or trunk on the same side of your body as your breast cancer. It is important to realize that the symptoms of lymphedema may begin months or even years after your breast cancer treatment. When diagnosed early, resolving lymphedema with treatment is much more successful. Recognize the signs and symptoms in their earliest stages.

Symptoms & Causes
Be aware of your body
  • A limb or body part is swollen
  • Swelling worsens over time
  • Repeated episode of infection
  • Sensation of heaviness and limited motion
  • Clothes, jewelry  or shoes no longer fit
  • Hardening and thickening of skin
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Aching or general discomfort
  • Skin tightness
Consult with your physician or nurse if you notice any of these symptoms. 
Helpful Resources

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Lymph Notes
Exercise promotes
lymphatic flow

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