The Right Pair of Jeans for You January 03 2014


The right rise: The rise is the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. You want a mid-low rise. If you have to bring a tape measure with you when you shop. You're looking for an 8-9 inch rise - below the bellybutton but not too low.

The right color: The wash is your next consideration. The 2 worth wearing are true blue and dark wash. The simpler the better. No holes, tears, embellishments, embroidery or faded washes.

The right shape: Boot cut jeans do our hips a huge favor. The slight flare at the bottom balances out your body. Trouser jeans are better for the office with a wider leg and flat front. The skinny jean has a straight, tight silhouette that will make your legs look long and lean. 

The right fabric: Jeans with a touch of stretch will hug your curves and move with your body without pulling or tugging. The ideal proportion is 2-3% Lycra spandex and 97-98% cotton. 

The right pockets: Every seam, stitch and grommet is placed purposefully to maximize the jeans' figure-flattering potential. You want pockets that occupy the entire expanse from the bottom of the rise to the edge of your butt. 


Focus if you want dark blue jeans, don’t get sidetracked trying on a stack of jeans in a lighter wash

To save time going back and forth from the dressing room to the racks, bring 2 sizes – the one you think you are, plus one size up or down – of each style to the dressing room.

Wear the boots or shoes that you plan to wear with the jeans. Put the shoes on and tuck the hem of the jeans under to the right length to get a true sense of how they’ll look.

Sit down in the jeans. They should feel snug, but if they’re cutting off your circulation, they are either too small or the wrong cut for your body.  Also check for a gap in the back of the waistband. A tailor can fix a small gap, but if there’s more than an inch to spare, try another pair.

Squat and check out your rear view in the mirror. If the super-low thong you’re wearing is exposed, the rise is too low.

Look at the back pockets in a three-way mirror. This is your moment of truth. If your butt doesn’t look fantastic, keep trying!